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Speech Language Pathology / Cognitive Rehabilitation

We offer speech language pathology services including the evaluation and treatment of  cognitive-communication disorders. Speech therapy services are available in Spanish by our bilingual speech-language pathologist. We offer the SPEAK OUT! program to increase speech intelligibility and volume of those with Parkinson’s Disease. People who have been affected by a stroke, brain injury, or other neurologic condition (such as Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or dementia) frequently encounter difficulties with their cognition (thinking) skills, the ability to use and understand language, and ability to speak.

Possible symptoms include difficulty with the following:

Cognitive (thinking) skills:
  • paying attention/concentrating
  • quickly processing information (how fast a person thinks)
  • learning and remembering new information
  • organizing thoughts
  • making decisions
  • completing projects
Communication skills:
  • finding the right words when speaking
  • being concise and clear when speaking
  • staying on topic in conversation
  • understanding what others are saying
  • being able to read and write
  • participating in social interactions
  • displaying facial expressions and emotions
These difficulties can have negative impacts on a person’s ability to be successful at work, manage personal affairs, and maintain social relationships. The certified speech language pathologist develops a therapy program that is tailored to the individual needs and interest of the patient with focus on regaining lost skills as well as learning ways to compensate, and helps the patient and their family understand strengths and weaknesses.