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Posted on August 7, 2018 at 3:55 PM

We've been following the interesting research that was presented last month in Chicago at the 2018 Alzheimer's Association International Conference related to managing dementia, diet and dementia, new drugs that may slow cognitive decline, and blood pressure and dementia risk.

Go here for more info and highlights:

Some of our favorite findings:

A study by Martha Clare Morris and colleagues showed that "consumption of 1 or more servings per day of green leafy vegetables is associated with less Alzheimer's brain neuropathology (40% less) and macro infarcts (50% less). Leafy greens contain a number of nutrients that may provide neuroprotection through different mechanisms."

A study of a UK biobank lead by Marilyn Cornelis showed that " consumption was associated with better cognitive ability. Tea consumption was associated with poor cognitive ability and warrants further investigation."

Women’s reproductive history may predict Alzheimer’s risk. Researchers found that women who have had three or more children had a 12% lower risk of dementia in later life than those with fewer children. Other findings support a hypothesis that the "cumulative exposure to estrogen across the life course may protect against the disease".

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